Musical Theatre

(Primary- Year 8)

This class develops practical skills for performing Music Theatre - singing, dancing, acting. Students engage with contemporary texts to develop movement and singing skills as well as the ability to work as part of an ensemble to create dramatic meaning. 
(Yrs 9-12) 

This class is offered as an extension to Junior Musical Theatre. Students work to further develop and refine their movement and singing skills as part of an ensemble. Various texts are used to create dramatic meaning and performances of a high standard.


(Years K-6)

 The class is designed to develop an understanding of the elements of Drama used in performance through drama games and improvisation.  Students engage in a variety of activities including mime, movement, music, group devised performance and physical theatre. Students work on rehearsing and refining a piece for performance at each semester’s Pantseat Performs student showcase performances. 
(Years 7-9)

The class engages in performance activities  designed to develop skills (both physical and verbal) as well as an understanding of the elements of Drama at a more sophisticated level than that of the Primary group. Students are encouraged to develop their stagecraft, creative and playbuilding skills. Looking at engaging and extending students’ knowledge of performance, students interact with a variety of performance styles to develop both voice and physical skills.
(Years 10-12)

Our Senior drama ensemble work on developing a deep understanding of the elements of drama. Students are able to refine their group performance skills as well as individual performance skills. Students are introduced to various practitioners as well as dramatic styles through scripted and devised pieces.​



(All Ages)
One-on-one lessons designed for students who wish to develop their individual performance skills in
Music Theatre, Singing and Speech and Drama. Repertoire material is tailored to each student and work-shopped during lessons. Students in this course have the  option of sitting Trinity Guildhall's Music Theatre performance exams each year and participating in eisteddfod competitions.  This is available to both school  aged students as well as adults.


Dance, Presentation and Troupe 

(All ages)

Students will explore techniques and styles of movement commonly found in musical theatre productions. This class is open to students of all ages and abilities and will be particularly beneficial to those students wishing to further develop their dance skills in a musical theatre setting. 
(All ages)

In this class students will learn about stage presentation, how to apply simple make-up, personal presentation and character make-up


(Ages 14 and above)

​During performance troupe. students have the opportunity to extend on their performance skills and devise and refine their own work for public performance. 

Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes for students in the following disciplines - Musical Theatre, Drama, Dance and Singing. We aim to make our classes exciting and a place where students feel safe to extend themselves and develop their performance skills and confidence.